Hey guys, this is my little brother, Mikey. He’s 9 years old. The other day my best friend and I were watching “Americas next top model” and he came in the room and got really upset at how all of the girls seemed to be breaking down over the things they couldn’t control. One girl, who was very thin, was complaining that she was a “fat bitch” and how she needed to lose at least 10lbs. Another girl, quite beautiful, was complaining that her nose was too big for her face. Then Mikey started lecturing Chloe and me on how stupid they were. He was questioning how such beautiful girls could do this to themselves. We tried to explain to him how its not just them, everyone does it and it really upset him. So he wrote himself a little script and asked me for my laptop. He sat there for about two hours trying to make everything perfect so he could try to tell all the girls and guys out there who feel bad about themselves that they’re all beautiful and society is stupid. Please reblog this and share it with your friends for Mikey and his urge to make everyone aware of their beauty. 

To cuteeee!

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    Too true little man
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